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Have You Been In An Auto Accident?

Auto Accident
  • Were you injured in a car accident?
  • We are easy to find and offer flexible appointments.
  • Our doctors have special training to work with these types of injuries.
  • The bottom line: we offer great care to help you fully recover.

Integrated Care for an Auto Injury in Bethesda

When an individual sustains injuries from a motor vehicle crash, spasm and muscle splinting develop on either sides of the spine and even into the extremities like shoulder, wrist or knee.

This asymmetric muscle spasm causes pain and prevents the normal range of motion. Damage to the soft tissue creates swelling, weakness and instability. You may think that the pain will go away by itself, however if left untreated these accidents can create chronic pain and injury. To prevent this, these injuries must be treated immediately. Our goal is to have you back to your pre-injury condition as quickly as possible.

Our Doctors Are Specifically Trained to Treat and Manage Car Accident Injuries

Treatment Options

  • X-ray imaging and interpretation
  • Triage Case to assess seriousness of injury
  • Referrals to specialists when necessary
  • Physical Medicine Services
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Same Day Appointments

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“I’m very pleased with the doctors at Dr. Aplin’s practice. They not only place an importance on alignment, but on strength training and building your core. I was hesitant at first but the alignment, coupled with the dry needling and training has greatly improved my condition.”

- Shana P.

“The staff were very helpful and professional at all times. Treatments were very effective and improved my condition noticeably. I highly recommend this institution to everyone.”

- Mike P.

“Everyone takes their time when working with you. I never feel rushed to get through the appointment. Everyone ensures the patients are comfortable throughout the process. I have had a great experience!”

- Laila S.

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