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“My name is Audrey and I have been suffering from Sciatica pain starting around November 2016.  I was referred to one doctor after another until one night I was watching tv and saw this advertisement to have a free consultation about getting rid of back pain without surgery.  That caught my attention because after seeing all the other doctors and still not feeling better, I decided to make an appointment.  Then I meet Dr. Aplin and his staff and my visit was like no other.  Dr. Aplin went into detail on where my pain was coming from and how we were going to work on getting rid of the pain.  On my first visit, I felt so much better.  Now they are working on both my back and knees, which I had surgery on in June of 2016.  I would recommend them to anyone I know because their service is wonderful.  If you do everything they tell you, I know you will feel better.  Thank you.”

- Audrey H.

“At my doctor’s suggestion, I scheduled an appointment for my knee pain.  As my father was already being treated at River Medical Group and had been happy with the treatment, I decided to see them as well.  After several weeks, I no longer have the knee pain and can now tie my shoes while kneeling.  Something I hadn’t been able to do in quite a while.”

- Catherine B.

“River Medical Group is the best treatment facility I have ever been to.  They incorporate all kinds of different treatment concepts which translates to better outcomes.  The staff members are magnificent from the administrative staff to the doctors and the physical therapy staff.  The customer service is phenomenal.  Being injured turned out to be one of the best things to happen to me because through it, I was finally able to find a place that works.”

- Rotimi B.

“River Medical Group and Dr. Aplin’s team have given me a wonderful, restorative experience resulting in much less pain overall.  Additionally, Erica and Sydney operate a smooth office, keeping the doctors and assistants on time.”

- Sharon D.

“I have been with Dr. Aplin for over 4 years now.  I was hit in my car on two separate days, injuring my neck and hip.  They have helped provide relief for these chronic injuries which has been life changing.  I also injured my ankle in an ATV accident and the treatment worked so well, I don’t even remember which ankle it was now!  I highly recommend!”

- Layla F.

“When I came in here a month ago, I couldn’t even carry and empty tray.  That’s how much my back hurt.  Fast forward to today, and I feel better than I have in 5 years.  I’m no longer in constant pain thanks to the treatments.  They are so good at targeting the exact areas that need work, and they give you the tools to better yourself on your own as well.  I am very thankful for the treatment I received here.”

- Jeremy G.

“The staff here is amazing!  I have really benefitted from all the treatments.  It was always helpful, timely, pleasant and encouraging.  I highly recommend Dr. Aplin’s office and all of the staff.”

- Leslie J.

“I came to the office for sciatica and through their detailed combination of treatments I have tremendously improved and my foot is no longer numb.  I am less sore and have much better posture.  My treatment was definitely a success story”.

- Haleh K.

“I found this office online, since it was close to my job.  I just want to say that the staff and Dr. Aplin have treated me with kindness, respect and most of all patience.  Car accidents are not fun, but coming here, little by little, has made me feel much better.  Thank you everyone for my treatment!”

- Alexia M.

“I have been using this practice for quite a few months now.  The staff are very friendly and my doctor is very good.  He puts you at ease and makes you feel good in yourself, like everything is possible.  My husband also uses this practice and I would recommend it.”

- Anonymous

“I’m very pleased with the doctors at Dr. Aplin’s practice.  They not only place an importance on alignment, but on strength training and building your core.  I was hesitant at first but the alignment, coupled with the dry needling and training has greatly improved  my condition.”

- Shana M.

“Life is a stream of events.  Some more memorable than others.  After an accident left me debilitated, surgery only corrected the structural damage.  River Medical Group helped make my life liveable again.  With an eagerness and authenticity, the staff encouraged me to continue and push through the pain.  I am very thankful for everything they have done for me!”

- Jacqueline O.

“The staff were very helpful and professional at all times.  Treatments were very effective and improved my condition noticeably.  I highly recommend this institution to everyone.”

- Mike P.

“I didn’t believ that with all of the issues I had that I could get better.  Since 12 years old, my back, neck, shoulders and my TMJ haunted me.  It hurt to bend over, stand for long periods of time, even eat.  However with the doctors adjustments and guidance with physical therapy, my aches and pains are nearly gone.”

- Nicole P.

“I couldn’t have made a better decision.  River Medical was the absolute best!  Staff is incredibly thorough and professional.  I started treatment barely able to move my head left and right and now I feel much stronger with virtually zero pain.  The combination of chiropractic treatment with physical therapy is key.  Thank you!”

- Nadia R.

“Everyone takes their time when working with you.  I never feel rushed to get through the appointment.  Everyone ensures the patients are comfortable throughout the process.  I have had a great experience!”

- Laila S.

“I have to admit I have never felt physically better until I started receiving treatment here.  The doctors managed to locate my pain and focus on adjustments in the right area as well as developing my core.  Because of my weekly routine, I feel more energized, balanced and happier.”

- Eduardo S.

“I came in with severe back and knee issues, and two months of work changed my life drastically.  I now have a greater ability of movement throughout the day and I thank each person that helped me get to this point.  You are all wonderful people.”

- Crystal C.

“I came to River Medical in October of 2017 for leg pain at level 5 up to level 7 out of 10.  Sleep was not an option.  * or 10 advil a day and still no relief.  Today, in mid-October, I am sleeping well and down to 1 or 2 pain, no meds during the day, standing up straight and walking nicely.  Thanks River medical!”

- James H.

“After my car accident I was in constant pain and had significant muscle tightness.  In two short weeks, RMG’s 3-part system had me feeling better than before the accident!  When I finished my program I felt great and was more flexible than I was in high school.  Thanks!”

- Maxwell W.

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